Hoax Seputar Covid-19 Muncul Karena Informasi Tak Konsisten dan Tidak Jelas

Beepdo.com – Lack of digital literacy, inconsistent and unclear information have made hoax news about Covid-19 invaded . The public panicked and this was detrimental to efforts to prevent the spread of the disease caused by SARSCov-2. Not only Indonesia, hoaxes have also hit the whole world, because this pandemic has shocked people so that people are no longer able to filter which news is valid and which is hoax.

These include the conclusions that emerged from the PWI Jaya SJI Series webinar which was held through a zoom cloud meeting, Thursday (17/9/2020).

The webinar entitled ‘Hoax Covid-19, Between Pandemic and Infodemic’ featured dr. Reisa Broto Asmoro (Indonesian Covid-19 Task Force spokesperson), Dr. Marlinda Irwanti, SE, MSi (Director of Postgraduate Program at Sahid University), Sumarjono (Director of Strategic Planning & IT BPJS Ketenagakerjaan) and apt. Drs. Julian Afferino T Vijaya, MS (CEO of Pharma Care Consulting).

Webinar about the Covid-19 Hoax between Pandemic and Infodemic. (Special)

The chairman of PWI DKI Jaya, Sayid Iskandarsyah, hopes that this event will be able to provide enlightenment to the public regarding issues that have been very disturbing, namely hoax news about Covid-19.

Meanwhile, Director of the Indonesian Journalism School (SJI) PWI Jaya, Romi Syahril said the event was an effort to participate in the intellectual life of the nation. He hopes that this event will be able to play a role in efforts to control the spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia through correct and accurate information.

Covid-19 in Indonesia. (Special)

In his presentation, dr. Reisa reiterated the importance of consistently doing 3M, namely using masks, washing hands and maintaining distance so that the spread of Covid-19 can be stopped immediately.

“The aim of education is behavior change and it is not easy to do, because it takes time to make PHBS (Clean and Healthy Lifestyle) a culture. Until whenever Covid-19 will not possibly disappear from the face of the earth, what we can do is try to live side by side but remain safe and healthy. And that can only be done with 3M, ” said Reisa.

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