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Seru, Ayu Ting Ting Ajak Pemenang Program Snack Video Goyang Bareng, – Two lucky winners from the SnackVideo #GoyangTingtingalaGue program got the opportunity to appear with famous celebrity Ayu Ting Ting at ANTV’s 28th anniversary event which was held on March 20.

This time, SnackVideo, a short video application that is currently enlivening the Indonesian market, officially cooperates with ANTV to cooperate in celebrating ANTV’s 28th anniversary. All ANTV birthday events are broadcast live through the SnackVideo application. This event was also enlivened by various top celebrities such as Ruben Onsu, Raffi Ahmad, Luna Maya and many other celebrities.

The Vedeo Snack event was broadcast live to the public. (Special)

Another series of activities carried out by SnackVideo was the #GoyangTingtingalaGue challenge which was the climax of the ANTV anniversary event with the theme Traces of Time.

The winners were very surprised to get a valuable opportunity just by joining this program and posting dance videos on social media. Wahyu Kadeo is a young man from Samarinda. He always creates content on social media, especially SnackVideo, where Wahyu posts drama content with a total of 875,700 followers. Wahyu accidentally saw the latest campaign, #GoyangTingtingalaGue, and was so interested in the prize that he decided to join.

Ayu Ting Ting bersama pemenang acara snack vodeo. (Istimewa)

Incidentally Wahyu really admires Ayu Ting Ting. In order to win this program, Wahyu practiced a lot of choreography to make sure his dance moves were perfect.

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